Episode I Part 2 : Traitors Gambit

Our adventure continues as our heroes, Wren, The Omen, Cassandra, Tanarkis and their new R5 astromech droid “The Dude” have just arrived on Alderaan and delivered the frozen spy to senator Bail Organa. After welcoming the party, he invites the heroes to dinner. At dinner the heroes get a chance to get to know a little more about each other and after hearing the Senators plea for help against the Empire, each hero weighs their motivations for joining this new resistance.

After a fine meal, the heroes make their way back to their quarters that Senator Organa has provided. At a scenic corridor the crew’s attention turns from the beautiful landscape of Alderaan to the sound of deep metallic breathing. Cassandra and Tanarkis look up towards the direction of the sound and down drops a dark figure. It is the Emperors right hand, Darth Vader.

Cassandra and the Omen fire their weapons at him, The Omen scoring a minor hit. Vader raises his hand and Force Blasts the Omen back against the wall. He tries it against Cassandra, but doesn’t account for her added weight from being a droid. The group quickly comes together and attacks the Dark Lord of the Sith as The Dude sounds the alarm alerting the palace guards. Vader locks down the doors as the footsteps of the guards can be heard, keeping the battle intimate. As the Dude works on opening the doors Vader now turns his attention to Wren uttering “I must destroy you”. The young Jedi shows his inexperience as he desperately fends off the Dark Lord who has had his hands full with the rest of the party. Finally Wren summons his Jedi training and scores a decisive blow against Vader. Vader stumbles back and the Dark Lords form fades to reveal Kato, Wrens personal training droid, who just downloaded all the palace’s computer files and decided to try a new training program.

The next day the heroes board the Banshee and make their way to Felucia to rescue Admiral Varth. He is being held at a hidden prison for sending Imperial secrets to Senator Organa.

As the Banshee exits hyperspace it encounters an Imperial Star Destroyer. Captain O’Keefe skillfully avoids the destroyer and lands the Banshee on the planet. The Banshee is damaged during the landing and Captain O’Keefe remains behind to repair the ship as the heroes make their way towards the secret prison. Along the way the heroes encounter the dangers of the Felucian fauna, which includes exploding fungi, spiked fungi and acid pools.

Six hours into the trek the heroes march into an open marsh area where they are attacked by a group of Felucian scouts. After quickly dispatching the scouts the heroes are approached by Vazus Mandrake, a mercenary from the Clone Wars who was abandoned on the planet. He was taken in by the Felucians and has been living with them since the War.

He asks the heroes help him return the fallen Felucians back to the village. Once there, Vazus acts as the group’s translator and brings them to the Shaman. The heroes explain to the chief why they are there. The Shaman tells them that he will provide them with a guide if while they are rescuing the Admiral they would destroy the Vanishing Place; a name the base has been given by the Felucians after many from the village disappeared near the area. The heroes agree and are than taken to their own hut to rest before their mission.

The Shaman requests Wren remain behind so they can discus the ways of the Force. After a brief exchange the Shaman realizes that Wren is still unskilled in his Force training and decides to teach him how to use the Force Blast.

As night falls, the heroes prepare to continue their mission, but before leaving the village, they discover a hut of sick children. Vazus tells the heroes that they were taken to the base and when they were released they fell sick. Tarnakis uses his treat injury skills to deduce that the children are infected with a synthetic virus and using the plants and herbs from the village healer creates a vaccine. The Felucians quickly change their opinion of the heroes, but before the villagers can express their gratitude, the heroes notice an Imperial biker scout just outside the village. The scout takes off on his speeder bike as the heroes are led to a pen of Kybucks where they mount up and quickly chase after the scout.

They Kybucks are fast and the heroes quickly catch up to the scout, but the jungles of Felucia are dense and confusing and The Omen is quickly turned around. Wren also finds himself out of the chase when his Kybuck takes a wrong turn. It is down to Cassandra and Tarnakis to continue the chase. As the scout flies into a fallen tree that is now part of a series of tunnels, Tanarkis takes the path around the tunnels while Cassandra follows the scout. Cassandra is almost upon the scout when a low hanging vine pulls her off her Kybuck.

The scout enters an open field as Tanarkis continues to follow. Suddenly the ground erupts as a dying Rancor slashes out at Tarnarkis barely missing him. The rest of the party enters the clearing just as the Rancor dies and they continue into the brush after Tanarkis.

The scout leads the group to a river where an AT-ST and more scouts are waiting for them. Unable to cross the river separating them the AT-ST begins to fire blindly in the area of the heroes where they use the giant mushrooms for cover. As Wren and Tanarkis make their way around one side, Cassandra and the Omen try to flank the troopers. The Dude uses his diminutive size to stealthily make his way up the middle towards the AT-ST.

Wren uses the Force to pull one scout off his speeder and into the river where Tanarkis finishes him off. As Wren comes around a giant mushroom the AT-ST fires a blast that evaporates his Kybuck and sends him flying into the brush. He quickly gets up and deflects a couple of blasts from two storm troopers. Wren than jumps onto the legs of the AT-ST causing the troopers to have to shoot at one of their own.

Meanwhile the Omen sets up behind a mushroom and begins to blast the AT-ST from behind while Cassandra finishes off the original Biker Scout. The AT-ST turns and blasts the mushroom next to The Omen sending him back where he falls unconscious. The AT-ST than turns on Cassandra, where she to is blasted off her feet.

The two remaining troopers manage to take down Wren and Tarnarkis. In a last ditch effort the Dude makes his way into the AT-ST where he manages to dispatch the driver and gunner. He than takes control of the AT-ST and begins to fire at the troopers, but The Omen and Wren had done considerable damage to the AT-ST and the troopers finish the job. The Dude rolls out the top hatch as The AT-ST crashes to the ground.



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