Gilder Varth

Former Imperial Commander/ Spy for Bail Organa


Varth was recently rescued from an Imperial prison facility and brought to the Resurgence to be debriefed.

Admiral Gilder Varth is a veteran of the Clone Wars and an honorable man. He commanded one of the ships at the Battle of Coruscant and was promoted for bravery. Admiral Varth is a slightly overweight man with close-cropped gray hair and a bushy mustache. Varth has an air about him that immediately recalls his military past; though he is not unfriendly, he spares no time for idle chatter. Varth has not adjusted to life outside of the Imperial Navy; he still acts with the same rigidity that is characteristic of all Imperial officers. He seems uncomfortable in his Alderaanian uniform, but his professionalism won’t allow him to voice any complaints. The man is all business, and though he seems genuine in his assertions, he remains largely unreadable.

Before the Empire decided his conscience was a liability, he was involved peripherally in a top-secret plan known as the Sarlacc Project. While the details of the project were unknown to him, he was involved in the transfer of large sums of credits and resources to the project. Whatever the project entails, it is taking up a lot of the Empire’s time and effort. Moreover, he believes that this Sarlacc Project is destroying the lives of thousands of sentient beings; casualty reports crossed his desk on a regular basis.

He discovered that the Imperial Navy was hiding the program’s existence from the Senate by transferring resources through secondary sources. Resources were routed through the Corporate Sector, through fake contractors, and through the criminal underworld to keep a trail from leading back to the project.

His loyalty to the Empire seemed unwavering, but his conscience couldn’t take the weight of the lives the Empire was destroying. He became disillusioned with the way the Empire had twisted the once-great Republic, and at this point, knowing Senator Organa was unhappy with the Empire, he contacted the Senator and began feeding him the sensitive information. Unfortunately the Admiral was discovered was taken to Felucia, where he was being held against his will.

Gilder Varth