Captain Vischera

Captain in charge of Felucian Station


Captain Vischera is a young officer who believes that he is on the rise in the Empire. Unfortunately, he’s sadly mistaken. His posting to the backwater world of Felucia is meant to keep him out of the way, just as the secret facility is intended to keep prisoners hidden. Captain Vischera has delusions of grandeur, but he is a violent and ill-tempered man who thinks he has something to prove. A number of commanders transferred him out of their units after he decided to demonstrate his loyalty to the Empire by berating fellow officers for even the smallest offense.

Once on Felucia he took advantage of his posting to exercise his sadistic nature on the local life forms. The cruel genius behind the horrible experiments being conducted on the Felucians, Captain Vischera is a dangerous man. Slender and with slightly spiky black hair, Captain Vischera has a brilliant mind tainted by a sadistic streak. Vischera has hollow cheeks and sunken eyes, giving the impression that he is malnourished and doesn’t get enough sleep, and his Imperial uniform (though conforming to all standards) looks as though it is hanging off his body. Vischera wants nothing more than to continue his experiments, and as such he will defend the facility to his death.

Captain Vischera