Although she is a based on a combat droid basic structure, she looks like an attractive (8 out of 10) female and to some eyes, a pleasure droid, however her programing is as a bodyguard/protector and not a pleasure droid. She is around 5'6" tall and arou


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CassandraMy name is Cassandra. My Master/Creator/Adaptor the wonderful and insightful Jaybo created me in the image of his estimate of what a certain young lady on his home planet would look like at age 22. Since she was only 10 at the time, he made some estimates that favored some nice maturing aspects and probably cheated a little. Although I am only a 12 Charisma by the numbers, this is because I am very good looking but not being truly human and not programmed to be sexual but as a friendship companion, I come off as a pretty face that has some skills but I don’t inspire Men or Women for that matter to look at me sexually other than at first glance. Jaybo was only 11 or 12 when he created me so girls were more a fascination than anything else. The original Cassandra died from a rare disease that passed through our home planet. Although Jaybo usually only worked on basic droids, he didn’t want to lose me like he lost the original Cassandra so he made me from a combat droid as the framework.

Now his issue was that he was great with programming but not much on the artificial skin side. Lucky for him his best friend Roko, a tall and skinny kid whose ancestors came from that certain planet that created the Clone Army, had a knack for this sort of thing…so together, they made me. We all had a great time for a couple of years but when Jaybo and Roko were both 15 years old, they disappeared. I could not find them anywhere. I searched the whole planet and they was not there…I started to panic which was not something I was used to doing…this triggered a program in me that instructed me to go to a certain location out in the wilderness and dodging a few of those wild hungry living plants that inhabit our world, I found their secret hideaway that they had even kept from me all those years. Following my programming I found Jaybo’s “stash” that he had left for me should anything ever happen to him. I was instructed to download all that he and Roko knew that they had recorded as backups and also was given a choice…there was a small lead box which when opened revealed a little incredible power crystal. Jaybo’s note said that I could choose to use this item to drive my systems or not. By using it I would put myself in a little more danger as it was something that many bad people would like to find but this power source would basically last forever and I would never have to worry about running out of power. He also provided me with a new invention, a nano tech repair kit that would be placed next to the power source within me…if I were to become damaged (metal or skin parts), the nano kit would release little miniature robots within me to repair the damage, powered by the crystal. I would self-repair eventually or could be augmented by normal human healing techniques which would work with the nanos to accelarate the healing process. The nano kit had a direct link to Jaybo and Roko’s knowledge base that I had downloaded and so what they knew would be transferred to the little robots. My mind was not and is not powerful enough to absorb and use all of Jaybo’s knowledge therefore it works with the nanobots directly. [The effect I want is that I will over time repair my metal bits but almost instantly repair the flesh bits…this will keep me looking human at all times although, I will never bleed like a normal person, I do release RED colored liquid when physically injured but it is a synthetic type of blood that is completely different from human blood cells although it does carry nutrients to the “skin, eyes, hair, etc…”. So, I would like the physical non-body parts to regenerate like Wolverine (although not impact to hit points) so that will look a little weird to an observer.]

So, here I am on a planet without my master, without Roko and with nothing to do…my programming on its own self-will decides that I must find Jaybo. That is my destiny…to rescue my master and should it take long enough, to become as human as possible during that time. I have no clue where he is or who took him. Roko’s parents think that I am Jaybo’s cousin and have asked me where Roko and Jaybo have gone but I have told them I have no idea but have decided to go look for them.