Episode I Part 1: Traitors Gambit

The first fires of Rebellion have begun to burn. Six months after the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire, Senator Bail Organa can no longer sit idly by and watch the once great Republic be twisted by the now self proclaimed Emperor.

Senator Organa had been contacted by an Imperial Admiral who had become disillusioned with the Empire. He had begun feeding information to the Senator when suddenly a week ago all communication stopped. The Senators agents found out that Admiral Varth was being held against his will at a Prison Facility on Felucia. The only way to get this information to the Senator was to have one of the agents frozen in carbonite and shipped to Alderaan.

Young Jedi Wren was sent to Sen Zonn Station to retrieve this cargo. Once there plans quickly began to unravel as his contact, Maya, was discovered and fired upon. Luckily the Space Pirate The Omen and his co-pilot Cassandra were on the station trying to gather information on their ship the Nautilus. After a quick fire fight with some Imperial Informants and Stormtroopers they were able to get Maya out of harms way.

Maya was unconscious, but with the help of a Cantina owner (Gundark) they were able to get her to a Doctor (Byra Fenn). Using information retrieved from a data pad on Maya the now three adventurers went down into a restricted part of the station to meet with Switch, a protocol droid and local gangster.

Wren, The Omen and Cassandra find Switch in the middle of a meeting with a young noble from Correllia. Tanarkis apparently owes Switch money and is trying to work to pay it off. The three try to extract information in regards to the mysterious cargo and how to obtain it. After much back and forth they find that it is located on the Blue Deck. The Omen also finds out that his ship did pass through Switch’s hands and was sold, but before he can find out a gang of thugs bust in and blasts Switch. Apparently another Gangster, Ganga Lor, doesn’t like competition and is here to retire the droid. There is a shoot out with the now four heroes, and the thugs are quickly eliminated, but not before Switch’s thugs turn on the heroes as well. The four leave, but not before taking Switch’s remains and all his information which is downloaded into Cassandra and R5-B8 Switch’s right hand droid who also now joins the group.

They return to Maya who is now on her feet. She tells them she will get the ship while they get the cargo. The five make their way to Blue Deck where the Stormtroopers have been alerted to the cargo. There is another grand shootout and as the heroes are about to get swarmed by a cadre of Stormtroopers, Captain O’Keeffe arrives on the Banshee to take the Heroes and their cargo to Alderaan.

On Alderaan they meet with Senator Organa where he greets them and asks they help him in rescuing Admiral Varth.



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