Episode I Part 3: Traitors Gambit

Darkness slowly starts to fade as our heroes awaken to find themselves in a dark holding cell. The heroes quickly realize they are one companion short as their new R5 droid is nowhere to be seen. Looking around the heroes see to one side are three unassuming humans who were traders that had been captured by the Empire, for reasons unknown. To the other is the reason our heroes came to Felucia. Admiral Varth. The Admiral looks as if he has been beaten and tortured. Unsure of how well the holding cell is monitored the heroes quietly and cautiously explain to Varth that they are here to rescue him.

Just than the holding cell door opens and two Warden droids march in followed by a young Imperial officer. Captain Vischera pulls out Wren’s light saber and mocks him for being easily captured.

“ I thought Jedi were tougher than this.”

Just as Vischera reaches back to hand the light saber to a Storm trooper, Wren ceases the opportunity and uses the Force to yank the Jedi weapon from the Storm troopers hand.

Wren lights his blade and holds it to Vischera’s throat demanding the heroes’ release. Before Wren can react, the young Captain quickly pulls out a blaster and shoots Wren in the side. Wren slices off Vischera’s blaster hand and the other heroes move in and attack the Warden droids. Vischera falls back as the Warden droids protect his escape. Storm troopers begin to run in as The Omen and Cassandra take down a Warden droid. Tanarkas is able to wrestle a blaster away from one of the Storm troopers and blasts the other Warden Droid. Wren takes a second trooper down as the Omen is blasted by a third.

After a brief battle the heroes along with the other prisoners make their way past the detention center control room and out into the main complex. Tanarkas does his best to heal the Omen’s wounds as a familiar sound comes from one of the rooms down the hall.

The heroes enter what appears to be a medical bay. Here they find a medical droid cleaning out an empty Bacta tank, a human doctor and their missing companion, “The Dude”. As the heroes focus on the human and their companion, the medical droid quickly hits the release button to the other two Bacta tanks. Inside are two large, mutated Felucians. The human is trying desperately to make his way out of the room as the two Felucians erupt from the now open tanks.

Wren quickly takes down one of the mutants with his light saber as Cassandra blasts the other. After removing the restraining bolt from “the Dude” and retrieving their gear Wren and Cassandra chase after the medical droid who enters a room down the hall from the medical bay. As the heroes step in they hear an incoming communication.

“Inquisitor Draco will be arriving within a standard Felucian day/night cycle to take custody of the prisoner.”

The heroes step out and The Dude locks the communications officers and medical droid inside the room.

With the party back together and the Admiral in their custody, the heroes try to make their way out of the facility only to find a cadre of Storm troopers and three AT-ST walkers waiting for them outside the door. Varth suggests maybe going up to the second level where there is a docking bay and they can be picked up. As the Omen and Tanarkas hold back the Storm troopers outside with the gun torrent, Wren, The Dude, Cassandra, and the other prisoners try to clear the upper floor.

Waiting on the second level is a small squad of Storm troopers and two more mutated Felucians. The Felucians attack the heroes in the turbo lift and are quickly dispatched, but not before one of the traders is torn apart. As the heroes step off the lift, the Storm troopers take aim. Wren is able to block a few blasts and than takes out one of the troopers. Cassandra takes out another trooper. One of the traders’ fires at the remaining Storm troopers, but the weapon backfires and explodes in the traders face, killing him instantly. The last two Storm troopers are quickly taken out and the heroes find the young Captain Vischera bleeding to death in a corner of the control room. Admiral Varth steps forward to deliver the killing shot putting the young Captain out of his misery.

Cassandra radios for Captain O’Keefe to come to the outpost. The Omen and Tanarkis set the explosives in the lower level of the facility and join the other heroes on the docking pad as The Banshee arrives. The Heroes leap onto the ship and it flies off as the secret facility explodes into a ball of flame.

The Banshee docks with the Resurgence, a brand new Nebulon-B frigate. After turning over Admiral Varth to Captain Adrian Verana, the heroes are taken to medical for their wounds. Verana joins the heroes in the medical bay and tells them they have been assigned quarters on the Resurgence. Moreover, the agreed-upon credits have been transferred to their respective accounts. He explains that Senator Organa is thankful for their assistance and forever grateful for their aid. Depending on Varth’s debriefing, the Senator may have further need of the heroes help and offers permanent quarters on the Resurgence.



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